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With this ongoing platform we will publish short interviews with C19 members, short reflections on pedagogy, and a bank of syllabi comprising diverse approaches to teaching 19th-century American literature. #TeachingC19 will aim to highlight pedagogical work as a key aspect of our engagement with the long nineteenth century. In developing this feature over time, we ultimately hope to build an archive of pedagogy-related resources so that the C19 community can learn from one another not only as scholars but also as teachers.

Libow headshot.png

Public Scholarship as Pedagogy


Jess Libow

Haverford College


A Plug for the Survey in the Moment of Its Assumed Demise


Laura L. Mielke

University of Kansas

Huerta headshot.png

Expanding the Sayable:

Listening, Teaching


Monica Huerta

Princeton University

Fretwell headshot.jpg

Reading Tactics


Erica Fretwell

University of Albany,



Memes of Grass


Douglas Guerra

State University of New York,


Tim Marr, headshot.jpg

The Shrillness of Silent Sam


Tim Marr

University of North Carolina,

Chapel Hill

Image: Atlas of the United States Printed for the Use of the Blind (1837) for children at the New England Institute for the Education of the Blind in Boston

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