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 Clusters & Affinity Groups

At the October 2014 meeting the C19 Executive Committee approved a provisional plan for the creation of new independent affiliated groups, called Cluster Groups, that will facilitate collaboration and scholarly exchange not already well supported by existing academic societies. Currently, our aim is to maintain informal structures that will allow these groups to rise and disband with fluctuating interests and that will not require bylaw changes. These Cluster Groups will have access to C19's website and listserve, as well as the authority to use C19's name and claiming the affiliation.

The process for becoming a Cluster is simple: send to the President of C19 a name and brief description of the proposed group, its interest area and any activities or resources it hopes to sponsor, along with the names the C19 Members who would propose and convene this Cluster. Cluster proposals will be discussed and approved by the Executive Committee.





Image: Frances Harper, Forest Leaves (1845),

Courtesy, Maryland Historical Society

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