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J19 | Fall 2019

Editors: Elizabeth Duquette and Stacey Margolis

Table of Contents



"Lost and Found in Gilead, Iowa," 

Kathryn Hamilton Warren (215-222)


Considering the Racially “Inscrutable” Child: Letter Response to Laura Soderberg, “Writing the Criminal Child: Antebellum Prison Records, Parenting Manuals, and the Rise of the Incorrigible Child,” 

Brigitte Fielder (223-225)


"Unraveling the Blood Line: Pauline Hopkins’s Haitian Genealogies,"

Mary Grace Albanese (227-248)

"Regional Nationalism and the Ends of the Literary World," Alex Zweber Leslie (249-275)

"Did Howells Give Up on Realism?" 

Rafael Walker (277-300)

"On First Looking into Charles Chesnutt’s Homer," 

Tess Chakkalakal (301-327)

FORUM: Amerikastudien; Or, American Studies in Germany


Sascha Pöhlmann (329-333)

"My Sixty Years as an Amerikanist,"

Heinz Ickstadt (335-342)

"With and beyond Borders: Toward a Posthumanist American Studies,"

Johanna Heil (343-348)

"Learning from June Jordan and Walt Whitman (and from Las Vegas, too): Notes on Inclusivity and Borders,"

Kerstin Schmidt (349-355)

"Precarious Romanticism: Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies in Germany,"

Clemens Spahr (357-362)