J19 | Spring 2020

Editors: Elizabeth Duquette and Stacey Margolis

Table of Contents


"'A Million--A Billion Thoughts': A Letter on 'Absent-Minded Historicism,'" Russ Castronovo (7-10)


"Becoming Global: Gender, Race, and Cognitive Mapping at the 1884 World's Fair," Katherine Adams (11-41)

"Vegetative Politics from Crèvecoeur to Hawthorne," Erin E. Forbes (43-66)

"The Speaker, Photographed: Paul Laurence Dunbar's Poems of Cabin and Field," Catherine Gelmi (67-95)

"What Is the White American? Race, Emigration, and Nation in Melville's Redburn," Robert S. Levine (97-122)

"Twain's Modernism: The Death of Speech in Huckleberry Finn as the Birth of a New Aesthetic," Mika Turim-Nygren (123-145)

"Inherited Obligations: Conquest, Californio Promises, and Native American Land in Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona," Pablo A. Ramirez (147-169)


Image: Cherokee Phoenix, February 21, 1828

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