J19 | Fall 2020

Editors: Elizabeth Duquette and Stacey Margolis

Table of Contents

ON OUR COVER (175-80)


"Ledger No. 1," Christina Michelon, Karen Sánchez-Eppler, Megan Walsh (181-91)

"The 'Mysterious Depths' of Slave Interiority: Fiction and 

Intersubjective Knowledge in The Heroic Slave," Thomas Koenigs (193-217)

"'No Land of Pleasure Unalloyed': Economies of Pleasure and Pain in Melville’s Typee and Omoo," Édouard Marsoin (219-43)

"The Sweet Truth of Slavery," Matthew Vernon (245-66)

"Laughing at 'Young Bull': American Authority in Civil War Cartoons," Sarah Sillin (267-93)

"Voicing a Transnational Latina Poetics: The Dedication Poems of Amelia Denis and Carlota Gutierrez," Vanessa Ovalle Perez (295-319)

"Who’s Afraid of Historicizing? How Protestant Anti-historicism Became Literary Self-Defense," Ashley C. Barnes (321-46)

"Voting Rights in the Age of Formal Equality," Christopher Malone (347-54)

"Slave Narratives, Black Disenfranchisement, and the Electoral Limits of Black Freedom," Laila Mansouri (355-62)

“'True Faith and Allegiance': Loyalty Oaths, Suffrage, and Defining the Polity’s Limits in the Fourteenth Amendment," Laura E. Free (363-9)

"Outvoting: Pudd’nhead Wilson and the Logic of Apportionment," Jennie A. Kassanoff (371-7)

"C19 ANTI-RACISM" (383-4)


Image: Cherokee Phoenix, February 21, 1828

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