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J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists is the official journal of C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. J19 is co-edited by Brigitte Fielder and Sarah Chinn, and is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. The journal's founding co-editors, Christopher Castiglia and Dana Nelson, completed their five-year term in 2017.


J19 welcomes interdisciplinary work representing the most innovative research on and analysis of the long nineteenth century (1789-1914). The journal includes features such as state of the field interventions, reproductions of new and significant archival materials, roundtables, and occasional special issues on topics of general interest to nineteenth-century Americanists.


Manuscripts of no more than 35 double-spaced pages will be peer-reviewed in a timely manner and should be submitted to Full submission information, including details about the "Pleasure Reading" section of J19, is available at the journal's home at Johns Hopkins University Press.


Image: Spread from Out West Magazine, 1898. Left: "Cloth from a Cliff Dwelling, In the Verde Valley, Arizona." Right: Sui Sin Far, "Sweet Sin. A Chinese American Story."

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