Season 3​

S03E01 | Dissent: Insights into the Sixth Biennial Conference

“Dissent” is the theme and keyword inspiring the Sixth Biennial C19 Conference to be held in Florida’s Coral Gables/Miami region, April 2-5, 2020. In this episode, members of the podcast team interview the conference organizers as they prepare for the event. Meredith McGill (Rutgers University), Martha Schoolman (Florida International University), and Jennifer James (George Washington University) share behind-the-scenes insights as well as suggestions for potential attendees. This episode was written and produced by Doug Guerra (SUNY Oswego), Rachel Boccio (CUNY LaGuardia), Paul Fess (CUNY LaGuardia), Ittai Orr (Yale University), and Ashley Rattner (Tusculum University). Full episode transcript available at:


S03E02 | "Wives and Their Authors"


This episode explores the extraordinary efforts that Elizabeth Melville undertook, after her husband Herman's death, to republish his books and to preserve his records. Examining the way that Elizabeth's efforts were written out of the "Melville Studies" that her labors helped to found, we consider larger philosophical questions about how many lives stand behind the career that One Great Man gets to have. This episode was produced by Adam Fales (U Chicago) and Jordan Alexander Stein (Fordham), and it features Rachel Sagner Buurma (Swarthmore), Meredith Farmer (Wake Forest), Laura Heffernan (U North Florida), Natasha Hurley (U Alberta), Wyn Kelley (MIT), Laurie Robertson-Lorant (U Mass Dartmouth), and Elizabeth Renker (Ohio State). Additional production support by Rachel Boccio.



S03E03 | The Gospel of Revolt: Mark Twain in Elmira

Mark Twain is an author strongly associated with place, whether it be Hannibal, Missouri, the sleepy hamlet of his childhood; Hartford, Connecticut, the city where he built his lavish mansion; or San Francisco, California, the platform from which he launched his literary career. Yet you might be surprised to learn that Twain wrote *Huckleberry Finn* and many of his most well-known works in Elmira, New York, the peculiar community where his wife, Olivia Langdon, was born. This episode showcases the impact of Elmira’s abolitionist, feminist, socialist, and philanthrocapitalist legacies on Twain’s work, highlighting his interactions with political radicals like Thomas K. Beecher, John W. Jones, and Annis Ford Eastman. This episode was produced by Matt Seybold, resident scholar at the Elmira College Center for Mark Twain Studies. He is joined by the voice of Hal Holbrook—star and subject of the 2019 documentary "Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey"—as well as Will Holbrook, and past Quarry Farm Fellows.


For more information on Quarry Farm Fellowships, Trouble Begins lectures, or the Center for Mark Twain Studies, please visit Music by the Chicago-based Compass Rose Sextet and Steve Webb. Additional production support by Ashley Rattner (Tusculum University). Full episode transcript available here:

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