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Please write to C19 President Meredith McGill if you are missing from the schedule or if you have an unresolvable conflict with the time you have been assigned. Note that we worked hard to schedule around special requests and time differences; it may be difficult to swap panel dates and times.

The 2020 Virtual Conference


C19 warmly invites all participants in the Miami conference on “Dissent” to present their work at the October Virtual Conference. We write to ask all those who were members of panels and roundtables to confer with their colleagues and have the chair or a representative from the panel submit a Panel Scheduling Form. Seminars will be scheduled separately; we will be in touch with seminar leaders and participants in a separate set of emails.


A few notes to spur your thinking:


- Everyone who was on the program for the Miami conference is invited to join the virtual conference, but no one should feel obliged to participate. If you want to present your work but the rest of your panel does not, we will find a place for you on the program.

- We want to devote as much online time as possible to the rich conversations that are the heart of C19. This means that papers will need to be shorter. We’ll briefly describe the formats we’ll be using below, and in greater detail in the attached FAQs. But remember: less is more in the digital medium!

- Virtual C19 sessions will be scheduled over one or two weekends, Oct. 16-18 and Oct. 23-25, depending on how many people decide to participate. We’ll be in touch as soon possible to finalize the conference dates.


The Formats:


Pre-circulated or “asynchronous” papers with the entire panel session devoted to discussion via video conference (45 minutes). Presentations will be made available to all conference registrants beginning on Sept. 21.

Papers delivered live, via video conference, followed by discussion (75 minutes).

For more information on these formats, and some factors you might want to consider in choosing between them, please see the attached FAQs.


Please discuss with your colleagues if and how you want to proceed. When you’ve come to a decision, your chair or a panel representative should fill out the Panel Scheduling Form. Please let us know as soon as you can what you have decided, by July 6 if possible.


Many thanks for your support of C19 and for your patience as we redesign our signature event for a digital environment.



The Virtual Program Committee is: Dana Luciano, Christy Pottroff, Sam Sommers, Claudia Stokes, Ed Whitley, and Gretchen Woertendyke


Advised by: Hester Blum, Virtual Site Coordinator and Jennifer James, Program Committee Chair for the Miami conference

Image: The Branding Iron, Newspaper of the Choctaw Nation, Atoka, Indian Territory,

February 23, 1884; Masthead for the paper's debut reads: “Our Head Having Failed to Arrive,

Our Readers Will Have to Guess at the Name Until Our Next.”

Courtesy, Oklahoma Historical Society

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